Crystal Purification Methods

Resonance degaussing method

Place the crystal jewelry on the degaussing stone or crystal cluster/geode we provide, and let the vibration energy emitted by the demagnetization stone or crystal cluster/geode clear the negative memory of the crystal and recharge it. It is recommended to leave it for more than 4 hours to complete the purification and degaussing. Energy replenishment.

Aromatherapy purification method

Sacred wood, sage, cedar, etc. are all natural products that have powerful purifying effects. Holy wood and white sage, the smoke after burning has a purifying effect. You can draw a circle around the crystal, which can purify the crystal and also purify the human body and the space you are in.

Moon Cleansing Method

Place the crystal in a location where the moon can illuminate it, and let it receive the moonlight for one night. Moonlight is gentle and moisturizing. In addition to demagnetizing the crystal, it can also energize the crystal.

Tuning fork purification method

Using a 4096 Hz tuning fork, tap the crystal or shake it near the crystal. The vibrations from the tuning fork clear energy blockages from the crystals and restore their harmonious frequency.