about Us

In this busy urban corner, there is a secret paradise hidden, which can heal every tired soul, lead you into deeper self-exploration, and transfer the spiritual energy of the universe to you.

"Paradise Studio" has been focusing on original design jewelry since 2019, with handmade crystal jewelry as the core. Every piece of jewelry is carefully crafted by hand from design to launch. We also pay great attention when choosing materials, so the jewelry is made of natural crystals, pearls, and gemstones. And precious metal 14K gold-plated and 925 silver accessories. Every piece of jewelry also contains the pursuit of beauty, and is perfectly combined with the pursuit of personal spirituality. Create jewelry that not only adorns your look, but resonates with your soul.

At "Paradise Studio", we hope to pass on the spiritual power of natural crystals to you through crystal jewelry. Let us embark on this healing journey together to find a better version of ourselves, awaken our spirituality, guide us towards inner harmony, and feel the comfort that transcends words.

Welcome to the world of " Paradise Studio ", let us discover the immortal charm of crystal together and add a touch of smart beauty to your daily life.