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Tourmaline (tourmaline)|Tourmaline

Tourmaline (also known as lucky crystal, Wangfu stone, wish stone) is a charged mineral with thermoelectricity and piezoelectricity. It can adjust the balance of the human body, smooth the meridians, and promote the circulation of qi and blood, so it is also called tourmaline. Colored tourmaline naturally has seven color tones, which not only harmonizes the five elements and corresponds to multiple chakras, but also satisfies all factions of color and light at the same time. Pink tourmaline increases popularity, green tourmaline improves career luck, blue tourmaline enhances self-confidence, purple tourmaline develops wisdom, and black tourmaline wards off evil and purifies the magnetic field. Because of its powerful energy and diverse effects, tourmaline is known as the "King of Crystals"